“ Drunk At Breakfast “ started out as a country music project. Linton asked guitarist Kevin Singer from Edinburgh if he would record some guitar on some songs he had written. The reworked demos were so rockin’ that a new direction was taken and a songwriting partnership was formed. The collaboration was taken to Eggman studios in DUNFERMLINE where Dominic Hardy was drafted in to play drums as well as engineer, produce and master the album. William “ one take “ Winsborough was brought in on bass guitar and the album “ Drunk At Breakfast “ was the result. 

The whole album was recorded in 3 sessions and was done for under £1000. 
This is going to be the first of many albums with the Osborne/Singer partnership. There is a 2nd album waiting to go...if the 1st one pays for itself then the studio will be booked for phase two as soon as possible.

There are a few CDs available if you click this link here.